Full Body Light units

A small investment considering the benefits to your health and/or business.
Major considerations with choice:
1/ a standard Australian power socket is 10amps.
2/ Residential flooring may not be able to take the weight of the largest Light Spectrum bed.
3/ Space, commercial models are large, the smaller models approx. the size of a single bed.
4/ A flat surface is easier for users to climb in and out of, especially if injured.
A non-refundable 40% deposit is required at time of order. Another 30% prior to shipping, then the remaining 30% 1 week prior to delivery. 
Delivery times can vary as sea freight is used. 


LED Bed locations: 10 & 16 amp Beds located in Brisbane (Reset Gym, Total Fusion Gym Morningside), Townsville (private), Gold Coast (private), Sunshine Coast (business).  

35 amp Bed located at Queanbeyan, ACT (Dezigner Beauty)

LED Mats are a great option, when an LED Bed is unaffordable.

Treat the entire side of the body, without the investment or space required for an LED Bed.


LED Mats available in two widths.

Lay on a massage table, floor (with yoga mat beneath) or bed while providing your body with soothing light.

We generally hold stock of the 65cm Mat, however if sold out, the 2 colour Mat takes approx 10 days for delivery, while the 3 colour Mat can take up to 20 days.


LED Bed warranty terms: Our LED Beds are made in China, using LEDs from Taiwan, customised for our requirements. LEDs produce up to 50,000 working hours.

The manufacturer, and our competitors, provide a 12-24 month warranty, covering parts.

As we do not consider this a very satisfying warranty, we also provide a SUPPLIER'S WARRANTY for the same term, covering the cost of shipping on parts, in addition to, up to $500* in trade service fees.


WHY ARE OUR LED BEDS CHEAPER - LOWER MARGINS, higher prices hinder the progress of Red Light Spectrum being embraced.