About Us

Low Light Therapy was founded by Narelle Lockett in early 2014, with our WellBeam Patch range marketed in 2016. We are a small family run business that prides ourselves on our honest business practices, and outstanding customer service.

The best inventions are created from necessity.

Narelle had mild spinal curvature, until her twin pregnancy at 41. Due to the weight of baring two children, her spinal curves increased by over 14o.

The results of these increased spinal curves were increased back pain, but more significantly, a loss of movement in her left arm.

It's difficult, if not impossible, to lift twin babies out of cots, with only one functioning arm, when not trained to do so.

Our of desperation Narelle sort assistance from others. She was provided with a home-made Red Light Spectrum device.

A single treatment was all it took for the function in the affected arm to return. A second treatment returned all strength.

As Narelle has spent a considerable amount of money over the years on professional services, she was puzzled why such a treatment had not been offered, let alone heard about. The more research she did, the more evidence of its effectiveness was found. Australian regulations would be part of the reason for the lack of education on such a recognised treatment.

As Narelle's budget could not extend to the limited products at the time available, she made her own. This device was then used as a prototype to have the device manufactured for retail use. The benefits have been so profound for Narelle, that not only has it become her passion, and business, but her lifestyle.

Red Light Spectrum is unable to straighten vertebrae, however if all the symptoms associated with such a condition are relieved, life is still worth living, and with no ongoing costs (other than electricity) affordable.



As Low Light Therapy are a small manufacturer, ADVERTISING HOW our products work is PROHIBITED.

Testimonials and reviews have been withdrawn.

The relevant government regulatory administrators demands ISO13485 (medical device manufacturing) for all manufactures regardless of what is being manufactured. 

These are not sterile, surgical or implant type devices, however the same manufacturing standards are required.

Even our large corporate suppliers do not have or consider such International Standards of Operation necessary. They do have FDA approval, however similar approval in Australia is not permitted.

We are being monitored.


Low Light Therapy offer a large range of products ranging from home units to commercial machines. This equipment is imported from a select group of Chinese manufacturers.

Our warranties far exceed our competitors.

Our reputation is paramount. 

The WellBeam Patch range is manufactured locally, in Queensland, Australia, shipped worldwide.