Please go to our 'Equipment Hire Options' under our Product page for a full list of Hire Products available.

Place your order (add email address) and we will forward the Agreement in PDF form to be completed and returned via email.

Upon return of the completed agreement, payment is organised and made with the product either ordered or shipped. by the following day.

Above pricing is for Private Use.

Commercial Use Hire is charged at a higher rate.


Contact Narelle on 0419 719707 or email wellbeam@lowlighttherapy.online with enquiries.

The prices displayed are for PRIVATE USE.

The below table provides Hire rates for Commercial purposes also.


Hire products available:

  • WellBeam Patch: we manufacture and stock the WellBeam Patch range, therefore there is no delay in delivery.

*  We offer a 50% rebate of the Hire fees charged per device, if a WellBeam Patch is purchased at the end of the Hire Agreement, up to the value of $150.00

  • LED Mats:  take up to 10 days, if we do not have what is needed in stock.

*  We offer a 25% rebate of the Hire fees charged per device, if an LED Mat is purchased at the end of the Hire Agreement, up to the value of $300.00

  • LED Beds and Pivot Panels are ordered in when required.

*  Brand-new product is ordered in. This can cause a delay of up to 12 weeks for delivery. (9 weeks on average)

It is for this reason that LED Beds and Pivot Panels have a minimum of a 12 month contract, while products requiring less investment will have a shorter contract time.

Payment: All Hire products are paid in advance. Please check individual products for conditions. (ie: LED Beds require 2 - 3 months hire fee as a deposit)

We accept and require 2 of: Credit Card, Direct Deposit, Direct Debit*, Paypal,

And for those wanting to use 'Pay-In-Installment' services (Afterpay or Paypal), we can charge the Hire period in full. However, a secondary form of payment must be provided until the return of the product.

Shipping: Prices include delivery of equipment, unless advised otherwise.

The customer is responsible for returning the product at the end of the Hire Period, to the supplier, within the Terms and Conditions of that Hire Agreement.