International Orders

NB: International orders may incur additional fees at time of entry into the buyers country. It is the buyers responsibility to pay these fees/taxes to have released for delivery.


Shipping costs are charged internationally, not by country. On some occasions shipping may be cheaper or more expensive than what has been charged. Additional costs or savings are absorbed by us.


AC Adaptors:  check which adaptor is suitable

Low Light Therapy stock the following AC Adaptors, shipped dependant on delivery address (Country) 


Type I – mainly used in Australia, New Zealand, China & Argentina. 

2 pins: not grounded; 220 – 240 V; 50-60Hz


Type A - mainly used in the USA, Canada, Mexico & Japan. 

2 pins: not grounded; 100 – 127 V


Type G - commonly used in Europe, South America & Asia. 

3 rectangular pins: not grounded; 220 – 240 V


Type C - used in England.

Two round pins: not grounded; 220 - 240v

Adaptors for other countries are available, however a delay in shipping may occur while the suitable adaptor is ordered.


Warranty Claims will need to be returned to Low Light Therapy in Australia at the cost of the buyer. Please email us first to confirm the delivery address and where the fault may lie.

Due to the costs of International shipping, we request that each component be fully tested to isolate where the issue lies prior to returning for repair. We are happy to provide further instruction on how to test the components. In most cases only the Patch is repaired, which due to its durability is very rare, while components are replaced. 

The WellBeam Patch is manufactured locally, in Queensland, Australia, ensuring the highest quality standards are maintained.