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Video displaying WellBeam Patch

The Custom Controller contains 3 out of 7 Dr Nogier Frequencies (pulse rates)


The WellBeam Patch is a little softer and more flexible than a thong (footwear). 


If hygiene is of concern when using the WellBeam Patch on animals then humans, place the device inside a sterile disposal clear plastic bag to use. The same applies to open wounds, although the Holder / lamp conversion also alleviates any cleaning issue.



Single Spectrum devices over Combined Light Spectrum units.


Single spectrum devices are more concentrated, require shorter treatment times, and are designed to treat chronic conditions.


Combination Devices: Provide the light spectrums required to perform a wider range of health conditions or ailments. If your condition is severe, we strongly recommend purchasing individual units, allowing a stronger, more concentrated treatment. If you are ailments however are varied and not chronic, Combination devices are an affordable option.


The Red Combination ( Red & Near-Infrared) WellBeam Patch is ideal for athletes. The Near-Infrared Light spectrum relieves muscle fatigue, strains & sprains, while the Red Light spectrum supports healing of bruising, open wounds and grazes.


The Purple (Red & Blue mixed) WellBeam Patch treats skin conditions. Mild to moderate skin infections, bruising and post operative care. Chronic skin conditions are best to invest in individual Blue and Red devices.


The Triple Combination WellBeam Patch while less concentrated, is able to cover a wide range of mild ailments. General aches and pains, infections and skin rejuvenation all in one unit. Treatment times are extended.



As Light Emitting Diodes age, they consume more power. For those with a WellBeam Patch more than 3 years old, we recommend upgrading your AC Adapter to 12volts (1amp). Such an adaptor can be purchased from retail stores such as 'Jaycar'.

Low Light Therapy is looking into holding a small stock of these adapters for your convenience.