Clinic Treatments

Day spa's and gym's charge up to $85 for a 20 minute treatment in a Light Therapy bed.

How many treatments will be required ?

We do not claim a full recovery after a single 30 minute treatment, however unlike surgery or medications, with a little time (days to weeks), the benefits would be noticable.

The more often treatments are performed in the first couple of weeks, the greater the recovery.

Many clients have experienced a full recovery of chronic conditions, within a few months. 

Full body clinic treatments.

Call or message Narelle on 0419 719707 or to arrange your appointment now.

Residential clinic:  O'Regan Creek Rd, Toogoom, Qld 4655

(20 mins north of Hervey Bay; 20 mins south of Burrum Heads; 35 mins east from Maryborough Qld.)

For those too unwell to drive, we do have a mobile service. Call Narelle on 0419 719707 to enquire further.


Prices drop the more treatments bought, and when treatments have a time limit to be used.

The more chronic the condition, the more frequent treatments are recommended.