WellBeam Patch Blue 470nm with Goggles

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 WellBeam Patch Blue 470nm

with goggles

Included: WellBeam Patch (135 Blue LEDs)

Custom Controller

AC Adaptor


Drawstring bag & instructions










2 year warranty on WellBeam Patch rubber unit 12 months manufacturer's warranty on: AC Adaptor Custom Controller Hook & Loop straps Long Arm Holder Mini Controller Goggles (elastic not included) 4 month warranty on: Drawstring bag Battery Clip Older WellBeam Patch units are repairable


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    Staph infection

    Posted by Ian Henderson on 22nd May 2023

    I tried dozens of natural therapies and remedies to kill an armpit staph infection for nearly 6 months without luck. Within 3 days of applying the blue-light for 15 minutes 3 times a day the infection finally started to dry up and heal. This was a nasty staph infection from a weakened immune system. I also obtained a urinary tract infection and was scratching continually on a daily basis. So I applied the blue-light between my legs and within days the scratching stopped. It has been 4 weeks now and both infections have finally gone and I have healed this skin infection not just on the outside but internally. It had to have gone deep internally to stop my urinary tract itching because this problem is now also gone. An absolutely amazing device. How many inflammation and pain problems that people have might not just be from old age by so called wear and tear. Blood and tissue infections is a massive world-wide problem that this technology treats infection both externally and internally of silent slow deadly flesh eating micro-organism diseases. Too many unnecessary hip and knee replacements going on from septic tissues and joints left untreated. So happy to have come across this hidden technology to solve my health issues. It definitely kept me out of hospital getting more antibiotic resistant drugs pumped through me weakening my immune system further. An absolute winner in recovery of hospital attained staph infections and infections attained from weakened immune systems.