Tips - avoid increasing Pain

 Tips on how to avoid increasing back pain.



use trolleys to move heavy items around. Flat floor trolleys can be used to move most items around the house that would normally be lifted. (ie: heavy shopping bags, esky, furniture, washing baskets, plants)


use a backpack. Dividing the weight evenly over both shoulders will prevent strain.


Red Light Spectrum daily, will assist maintaining mobility, flexibility, low to no pain levels, therefore, peace of mind.


Gentle exercise keeps us mobile and active. What exercise? As I am no expert, these are matters I shall leave to others.

What I have found for me is; beach walking is slanted and will increase sciatica pain.

Path walking is jarring, and causes sciatica pain.

I have found bush walking to be best. The uneven and soft surface avoids jarring, and avoids the constant strain of forcing a crooked pelvis straight. Climbing over rocks near waterfalls and streams I find not only meditative, but physically enjoyable. The different movements does not cause strain to any particular joint for long enough to cause any issue.

Obviously we recommend a WellBeam Patch in the car ready to relief any aches on the way home.

5.  BMI;

Try not to carry excess weight. Joints suffer under the burden of weight and will increase your back and joint pain. The other health implications are well known.

Being underweight however, will expose a crooked pelvis and tailbone, making sitting on hard surfaces uncomfortable, in addition to the unhealthy aesthetic appearance and health implications.

See you doctor if you are unsure what BMI is ideal for you. Being a healthy weight is what joints are designed to carry.


The days of lifting anything over 4 - 5 kilograms are gone. The compression on vertebrae will make such an endeavour regrettable. Gravity is no longer our friend, spine related only. 

Ask for help. Get to know your neighbours. If after a front lawn chat or two you let them know that you may need to ask for a little help occasionally due to spinal curvature, most people would be happy to help. 80% of adults have experienced back pain at some stage, and understand how restricting such a condition can be. 


Place soft mats on hard floor surfaces if required to stand in one spot for more than a few minutes. Placing a bathroom rubber mat in front of the kitchen sink or bench will help prevent sciatica while cooking or doing dishes.


Build 30 minutes into your day to perform Red Light Spectrum. Or product range is varied to cover most budgets. Those with back pain benefit from full body coverage. however not all have the budget to invest in such equipment. The WellBeam Patch can be used to treat the entire spine, it just takes longer than using a mat, LED Bed or panel.

If you struggle with self care, the WellBeam Patch can be used in the car. Leave it plugged in ready for each journey. Placing it under clothing before you start the car only takes a moment and allows multi-tasking. I have one strapped to the headrest, ready to treat my neck every time I drive. Near-Infrared is invisible light with no illumination.




Bone inflammation is an inflammatory disease. So are receding gums. Keep a close eye on your your dental health, as having oral pain, in addition to chronic back pain, is not going to bring anyone joy. Neither is loosing your teeth. 

Red Light Spectrum has been proven to be highly beneficial for oral health. We recommend all 3 light spectrums for preventative care.

Equipment type

The more LEDs in a piece of equipment the shorter the treatment time. The larger the illuminated surface, the greater the treatment area will be.

We do not recommend LED Panels that do not require close contact. All scientific evidence uses direct application devices. They are also lower in EMF.

More tips coming...