'Today Tonight' produced a segment on 'Drug free pain relief', including WellBeam products.

This segment was instigated by a very happy customer (Kimberley Rauchelle from W.A.), who once worked within the news industry. Her severely failing heart grew much stronger with Red Light Therapy treatments, so much so, she wanted to scream it from the rooftops. For the first time, she had enough air in her lungs to make phone calls, and she made many.

Kimberely became quite the ambassador for the WellBeam Patch. 

We will always be grateful for all the support she provided over the 6 years her beautiful heart kept beating, with her memory still shining brightly.


As seen on TodayTonight mid 2018 - can be viewed on their facebook page:   https://www.facebook.com/TodayTonight/videos/1805625646143550/ 


Testimonials ....

are being edited before re-posting on this site. Terms, words, or qualifications were included, prohibited in Australian advertising, without the relevant registration. 

We are a small, yet well established, family run manufacturer and importer, not equipped to produce medical devices under International Standards of Operation (ISO13485), as required by the relevant Australian government authority. FDA does not require such a certification, however Australia does, making testimonials problematic.

Most customers refer to their medical conditions, and state why it has improved. Straight into hot water we go..... 


We are working on re-publishing testimonials as fast as possible.


Testimonial from the founder of Low Light Therapy, and the designer of the WellBeam Patch.


Our founder knows chronic pain all too well, with severe curvature of the spine.

Mild spinal curvature turned into severe curvature with the birth of twin daughters at 40 years old. With daily chronic pain, and loss of movement in limbs, light therapy proved to be life changing.

While for the initial 6 years the WellBeam Patch was the only form of pain relief used, an LED Mat and panel are now used for time restrictions and full body therapy. 

While Red Light Therapy (Photobiomodulation), stays a part of everyday life, surgery has been avoided.





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